You Bring the Love

We Send it Out

They Feel the Love

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Why We Do It

2016 has been a hard year. We’ve had huge conflict and loss on all fronts from the death a slew of musical greats to the US Presidential Election to Brexit to just everyday life. WithLove was created when a few close friends decided not to wallow in sorrow, but to take the high road as agents of good vibes. We are trying to do our part by helping people make other people’s day. And let’s be honest, nothing makes a day like some sunshine in the mailbox.

Does this cost anything?

Not today, but maybe someday

How do we make money?

This is a fun side project and was not created to make money, and we do not sell your information. Please check out our Privacy Policy

How long does the process take?

It should take about 7-14 days to arrive. We send out letters once a day, and then it’s up to the good ole’ US Postal Service.